Howdy and welcome to our non-contiguous, non-sequential, episodic, multi-DM, game ;)
We all contribute to this one so feel free to have a look around the wiki, should be a fair amount of stuff accumulating…

See below for what’s happening, happened, and to happen :)

Projected overview of the heroes’ career
The 200 year calendar

0(ish)pr – Event – Ragnarok
0(ish)pr – Event – Founding of Cepilos

852pr – Episode – Slum Dweller Jail Break (lvl 3)

898pr – Episode – A Lot Of Bull (lvl 11)

980pr – Episode – Voyage of the Nephilim (lvl 18)

1000pr? – Event – The Triple Convergence (lvl 20?)

Here are our Heroes and their opposite numbers…

The Doormen
(our adventuring company – they knock nicely the first time…)
Niveus Corvus
Skurd Witchchoker
Tageo Kakon

The Nemisi
(Those who often find themselves facing the Doormen across a battlefield)
Kravek Selseson

And you can goto the Wiki to see more of the who, what, where, why etc of the world…

An Episodic Life

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