An Episodic Life

Slumdweller Jailbreak - episode three (final)

We begin this episode’s third and final session with our severely scorched and wounded heroes ushering their rescued slum folk prisoners over the dead bodies of a pair of Selirathian flame serpents and into rift in the city’s bedrock as they made good their jailbreak of the Mordant Hand’s Wall street barracks.

Having just completed their second fight of the night our heroes had achieved a milestone, with all the good stuff that brings. They were however in desperate need of a chance to take a breather and salve their wounds. They deemed it unwise to stop within the boundaries of the barracks complex, given that the alarm could be raised among the mercenaries above at any moment. Instead they trod the loose soiled path down into the underground rift to which the back end of the Hand’s smuggling tunnel had led them. Cheshire and Niveus Corvus (I think) led the way.

Slum dweller jail break - session two

We start this session with Elenari using his bardic magic to lull the remaining guards inside the Mordant Hand’s Wall St barracks while in the yard Kraysus nudges aside acid eaten chains and, with only a small squeal of the hinges, lifts the heavy iron grill which had been sealing off the prison pit. That hole proved surprisingly deep. It gave up the smell of fresh dirt and sawn timber, and the faintest of sewer stink.

The adventurers gathered,

We're in business!!!

Our first session of play :)

3rd level – Baraqu, Elenari, Kraysus, Niveus Corvus, and Skurd Witchchoker had been hired or asked by Kiptos from the Eastgate society of friends to rescue some folk arrested by The Mordant Hand and kept prisoner at their barracks on Wall Street. Apparently the word was out that the Hand would be shipping the prisoners off somewhere the next day, and Kiptos asked if the heroes could get the east gate folk out without raising a general hue and cry that would make the society’s job of hiding them harder…

t-1? the episode schedualer is up

just posted an Episode Scheduler to the wiki so that folk can put up episodes they prepairing etc.

Want it to be a simple one liner list with the episode names linking to forum threads discussing each episode if possible :)


t-2? On how to proceed

I’m putting up a proposal on how I reakon we could proceed, using this site to build and maintain campaign base. how to proceed

It basically is about how to tackle three functions: initial development, development from episodes, and proceedure for doing so. And talks about using the three things available to us here: blog, wiki, forums.


T-? the initial proposal

So the first thing to put up is the intitial proposal – its too big to put inline here so I’m gonna make it a wiki page and link to it. Initial proposal

The primary idea of making our campaign non sequential episodes with a non contiguos story line seems to have gone over ok – so next will be moving onto posting ideas on how to proceed with building and running the campaign / game, and inviting you guys in so we can get on with playing :)



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