Tageo Kakon

Small, with a feral smile and glittering eyes.


Tageo is what’s often known disparagingly in Ceilos as a “sewer rat”, having been born among the gnomes, goblins, and disadvantaged folk who teem in desperate conditions below the great city’s streets. The term is not really being applied in its typical usage, seeing as he’s actually a duergar rather than a gnome, (although he is a rather small and scrawny example of a duergar). In Tageo’s case however “sewer rat” is still suitable, as its more along the lines of being a literal truth… When at ease Kakon’s personality is much bigger than his wiry frame, happy and rough with the accents of the slums. When at war his glittering smile is the first and often only warning before he attacks; dissolving as he does so into a crawling horde of vermin that swarm, and bite, and sting his enemies.

Class is druid, primal swarm build. Tageo is crossclass poisoner, follows the whirling samara paragon path, and I don’t know what epic destiny yet :)   He uses totems and wears light leather armours. He favours; nature (naturally), perception, and stealth, with mediocre theivery (thanks to his crossclass feat).   Ageo’s attack attribute is wisdom (surprisingly), although he’s tougher (con) than he is wise, he’s actually quite a weak little critter even with his loud mouth (str 8 or 10 for most episodes)...


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Life is hard for small folk in nearly any city, more so even in Cepilos, site of the rebirth of civilisation. Tageo was born among gnomes in Rat’s Plague Warren, crowded tunnels burrowed between the sinister twisted shadow ruin roots of the ancient city and the more mundain sewer works, wells, and footing trenches of the buildings above. Such places are his spiritual home and the vermin who dwell there his inspiration. Tageo is a druid of the sewers and of the spaces between…

In his early days Tageo sometimes turned a coin acting as a belowgrounds guide for lesser members of The Darkened Hand, an organisation which he approves of in principle although the leadership of which he is not so fond. He also had a lot of time for Breena of the mid city slums and her collection of waifs. On becomeing a member of The Doormen however Tageo has become enthralled with the prospect of investigating, (and gnawing on), every corner of the wider world and beyond…


swarm of ants

Tageo likes to swarm around or through the enemy line to where he can unleash burst attacks without incorperating his friends in stinging biting madness. His gnomish tricks help him do this. Don’t look to Tageo for healing cause he ain’t no woodlands druid. His contribution is to make our enemies scream and scratch and dance around :)

Episodes involved in

lvl 11 – A lot of Bullstats used

Tageo Kakon

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