Elenari – Preferred Appearance – 16-17 year old street rat.  Approx 5’5” tall.  Black,  cropped hair of predominantly half-elf appearance.  Lightly tanned,  green eyes.  Suitable to blend into a variety of surroundings without arousing suspicions.

Elene – Secondary Emergency Appearance – 20ish year old consort.  Slim willowy eladrin appearance with light brown hair.

Very Good Cha and Int.  Poor Wis.

Cunning Bard – Battlefield mobility build with mild debuff powers

High skill variety – Primary Bluff,  Arcana,  Streetwise

Background Foundling  (+Streetwise)

Looking at Summer Rhymer Paragon and Sage of Ages Epic

Episodes Involved In:


Birth – This aspect of his history is essentially unknown.  The information he has managed to place together involves him being found near a sewer outlet by the Cepilos harbour.

Infancy – Elenari had been found by a band of street waifs known collectively as the Everchanging.  They were a group of 15-20 children of varying races and ages between (human equivalent) of 4 and 15.  The girl who found Elenari was in fact a 30 year old Gnome by the name of Breena.  She was the defunct mother of the Everchanging and looked to make sure that even the youngest knew how to survive in the darker slums of Cepilos.  The family lived throughtout the main byways between the Portal district markets and the main keep of the nobles.

Youth – This was where young Elenari came to develop his sense of self.  For years he had assisted his extended family by distracting crowds using basic rituals of Lullaby and Pyrotechnics whilst the more dexterous of his brothers and sisters relieved merchants of some of the excess fat they accrued.

One day however a performing troupe of bards with their loud clothing and joyous instruments came through the gates and played the streets to the nobles quarter.  Elenari looked at the sleek appearance of the bards with their joyous smiles and happy voices.  Saw the chests being carried by the guards and swore he would seek to become as comfortable and well known as they small group of professionals there to entertain a noble’s garden party.

Immediate history – Unfortunately lacking the wisdom of any sort of aged influence Elenari was currently in trouble with some of the minor merchants on the outskirts of the Portal District.  He had traded some fools gold for real equipment and even with his natural changeling abilities he was finding it more and more difficult to move freely through the various gates of the city.  The word on the street was that there was a school of young boys and girls trading dross for riches.  The Everchanging had begun to come under scrutiny from some of the more organised and mature groups including the Mordant Hand and the Darkened Hand.


An Episodic Life Elenari