Elemental, servant of a stone giant sept


Big, slow and made of rock.


A creature of elemental earth, born from the melding of Galeb Duhr and earth elemental in an experimental process conducted by giants seeking new and more loyal subjects after the rebellion of the dwarves. Fault served the Dag-Trun sept of stone giants as a stoneshaper, and was a resident of one of their flying fortresses when it was destroyed above the Sea of Aegis. Trapped on a fragment of the fortress drifting on the water, Fault was helpless and bored until he took responsibility for protecting the corpse of a boy who had suffered a mishap similar to his own but had not the stony resilience to survive it.

Episodes involved in

  • lvl 11 – A Lot of Bull
    • Fault had a rash of visitors – first some goliaths in the service of the Dag-Trun sept, who offered to take him back to the stone giants, and shortly after, The Doormen, who with timely mediation solved Fault’s dilemma of conflicting responsibilities. Fault returns in 898 PR to the Dag-Trun sept, presumably to take up his old position as stoneshaper and rocksmith.


An Episodic Life Dr Rick Dagless