The boy who flew too close to the sun


A corpse memorialised with spread wing steel artwork.


The son of Daidolos, he showed some promise as an artisan in the tradition of his father, aiding him in the construction of mechanical wings bound by wax to allow them escape from Tauroth. But in his youthful foolishness Ikaros ignored the instructions of his father and flew too high. The wax melted and the fall from thousands of feet in the air to the sea wasn’t good for Ikaros’ health. Daidolos ‘buried’ his son on a nearby island, and named it in his son’s honour, leaving the only inhabitant of the islet, the elemental Fault, to guard his remains.

Episodes involved in

  • lvl 11 – A Lot of Bull
    • In 898 PR The Doormen took charge of Ikaros’ remains, and promised Fault they would return them to his father in Vesper.


An Episodic Life Dr Rick Dagless