Approximately 30 years old.  Light brown skin.  6’4” tall of thin to gaunt appearance and deeply sunken black eyes.  A bald head and only a short grey goatee.

Very Good Int.  Good Dex and Con.

Shielding Swordmage – Defender damage absorption.  Some battlefield mobility.

Skills – Arcana,  Athletics,  Intimidate

Looking at Coronal Guard Paragon and Planeshaper Epic Destiny


Birth and Youth – Selqant had started his life at a monastery on the outer edges of the Plane of Limbo. His entire young life had been wrought with the perils of small colonies and attacks by the Githyanki and other-planar marauders.

About when Selqant had reached the age of 19 he had mastered the skills required for him to be allowed on his first rrakkma to the Astral Plane. This was the point where Selqant’s life ended as a Githzerai and his hell as a slave began anew.

The rrakkma Selqant was a member of was obliterated before it had been in the Astral Plane more than a few days. To his great misfortune however he was not killed like the rest of the party. A random spell target had knocked him unconscious very early in the combat and the next thing he knew he was being dragged in chains through a portal to a bustling slave market.

Selqant was sold to a gladiator school in an Eladrin city. His life returned to the meaningless monotony of daily bouts and entertainment. His pride would never allow him to lose to mere Material Plane scum however so he continued to exist and eventually earned the attention of the Coronal Guard. He was removed from the school and entered into the martial training facilities of the Guard. His training commenced and completed with many a journey amongst the Planes to prove his worth.

Eventually Selqant earned his freedom and the right to travel alone. Always in the back of his mind however was the guilt he felt at being captured and the shame of having succumbed to slavery. Now he travelled to earn back his right to return to the Plane of Limbo. He is still unsure how many feats he will need to perform before he feels himself worthy to return to his people.


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