Skurd Witchchoker

Great Weapon Fighter


Burly guy who looks like he’s spent most of his life in prison or in battle, because he has. Sparing with his words – he’s used to being around people who don’t give a damn what he has to say anyway.

Good Strength, Dex and Con; Poor Intelligence

Class is Fighter, more or less a Great Weapon build, wielding a Heavy Flail & wearing Scale Mail. Also has a shortsword, warhammer, dagger and hand crossbow as backups ;D

Mostly physical skills, but he does have some Heal and Streetwise expertise.

As background options, he has Veteran of a Religious War, Geography: Urban, Cursed Birth and Early Life: Imprisoned. Background benefit is skill training in Intimidate.

Probably going Great Weapon Master for Paragon Path, and Adamantine Soldier for Epic Destiny.


Skurd was born in 827 PR in Chasm, a fairly large city perched on the side of a great rift in the earth, far from Cepilos. His folks were despicable members of a cult dedicated to Ghaunadaur, That Which Lurks. Soon after his birth he was cursed by some drow low life to bring about the downfall of any and all of his kin, presumably because the witch had some enmity against the cult.

Sure enough, when Skurd was still in his toddling years, the Lurker’s festering presence was finally detected by authorities in the city. A group of Loftwarriors systematically and brutally cleansed Chasm of the Amorphites, sparing only Skurd in a moment of uncharacteristic mercy. Well some degree of mercy anyway, they still threw the boy into a hellhole of a prison, where he actually managed to flourish due to his size and martial talent. After leading a prison riot which almost managed to break out of the dungeons, authorities decided that he was too dangerous to be kept locked up. He was destined to be executed, but some priests of Kord realised that he could be useful as a slave warrior in their ongoing war with The Reaping Legion (a ravaging army led by Banites).

So for years he battled the foes of the Kordians, until finally the opportunity for escape came. His unit was all but wiped out in battle with Banites, and he scattered with the few other slaves who survived, fleeing for the hills. Eventually he came to Cepilos, where he joined up with a band of adventurers looking for some muscle…

Skurd Witchchoker

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