A Lot Of Bull

The Sessions

Location: The island of Tauroth, 898 PR.

Level: 11

Approach: Combat/Investigation (Time limit)

Useful Skills: Arcana, Dungeoneering, History, Nature, Perception, Religion

Primary Objective: Retrieve the Phalange (3 pts).

Secondary Objective: Protect the sanctity of the remains of Ikaros (1 pt).

Background: The Doormen have reached the point in their careers where their renown is beginning to spread throughout Adakontos. While soaking up the delights of Vesper on a well earned break, they are approached by a snappily dressed fellow who claims to have a job opportunity for them. It turns out that this gentleman is none other than Daidolos, the legendary craftsman, artist and engineer. The artisan needs the character’s help to retrieve an item of his that he had to abandon on Tauroth in his haste to escape from his former patron there (King Minos). Unfortunately there is little time to recover the Phalange, as some other former subjects of King Minos have begun powerful rituals to send the island to the depths of the Sea of Aegis. Oh and Daidolos would also appreciate it if the Doormen could find the time to check over the small island of Ikaria, where his son is interred, just to make sure Ikaros’ remains are not in danger of desecration.

Daidolos has promised to reward the character’s with some of his ingenious inventions, as well as his favour, and a good word on the character’s behalf with his new patron, Archimedes, the Tyrant of Vesper.

So the Doormen have sonehow acquired/purchased/hired/stolen a fast vessel to quickly make the journey to Tauroth, and the episode begins as the diminishing landmass of the island comes within sight….

A Lot Of Bull

An Episodic Life Dr Rick Dagless