A continent on the world Monderul, Adakontos is a crescent shaped land mass a few thousand kilometres across. Some say that it was made from parts of the world’s crust pushed up when a moon was pulled down to impact the surface during Ragnarok approximately one thousand years ago. Others say it is a floating shield, translated out of the dangers that came with the end of the world conflict and fixed in its present place via truly epic magic’s…

Scholars debate over whether the continent drifts and at what rate. Within living history it has occupied a temperate climate zone and has been fairly stable in a tectonic sense. The dominant, (Cepilotian), civilisation has yet to explore the extent of the oceans surrounding Adakontos, or to discover other continents, but visiting Nearspace spelljammers assure that other landmasses are indeed out there…

Settlement history
Modern Adakontos is dominated by the Cepilotian civilisation which has spread out in successive waves of colonisation from a single, central site (Cepilos) over the last thousand years. Indeed, many Cepilotian citizens believe Cepilos was originally founded by the only survivors of Ragnarok. Despite the modern taboo Cepilotian culture has against artefacts and remnant technologies from the pre-ragnarok era it is notable that many of the earliest colony cities were founded on ruin sites.

Political situation
Cepilos would like to think it is in control of all of Adakontos, the heart of a maternal empire so to speak. And indeed the city is still a major socio/political power. However in the period around the first millennia pr some of Cepilos’ oldest colonies have developed into metropoli rivalling their mother city for power and influence. Some, (see Nemta) are actively opposed to any form of control or exploitation from their parent state.

As well, and despite what Cepilotian’s believe, there are other civilisations on the continent. The herders of the wider Morroheim region and mountains of North western Adakontos claim a non Cepilotian descent. They have a distinct language and culture and over the last thousand years have even developed a major city state, Morroheim, on their own ancient ruin site. Certain phenomena and artefacts, such as the world rent waterfall and giant figure which give the Sea of Aegis its name also hint at groups and conflicts spanning the continent on a much more subtle and profoundly powerful scale than that of which mere mortal civilizations can dream…

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