A powerful city consisting of an Acropolis (fortress) perched on a hill with a populous urban area surrounding, all girded by strong walls. The walls extend from the city itself forming a corridor leading about 5 km to the coast, where they branch out again to enclose a large and busy harbour (the Piraeus).

Numerous farms and villages and some small islands in the surrounding area make up the city-state’s territory. Atells is renowned for its formidable navy, mostly consisting of oar-powered warships manned by proud and well trained citizens of the city, with warlocks, sorcerers and wizards providing fire support.

Also has a history of producing intellectuals, philosophers, scientists, and mages.

Governed by a royal family – until recently they paid homage and tribute to King Minos of Tauroth. Although they are not in open warfare with Tauroth, Atellian cabals of spellcasters are working powerful magics to slowly submerge Minos’ island, drowning their former masters.

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