Buying Mounts

This is the method Dr Rick worked out for calculating the “item level” of a mount so that you can purchase one as an item during your character build for any given episode in which the dm is allowing mounts or indicating mounts as a good idea, (remember to check with the specific dm).

Mount’s item level = its level as a monster + modifier accounting for particularly good abilities in a mount.

Some level modifiers:
  • Mount has a fly speed: +4 to item level
  • Mount has ‘spider climb’: +2 to item level
  • Mount has a teleport speed: +2 to item level
  • Mount has ‘Zephyr footing’ or similar (ignores difficult terrain and can move across liquids): +2 to item level
  • Mount is an Elite: +2 to item level
  • Mount is a dragon: +1 to item level (because dragons are cool :)

So once you’ve calculated a mount’s item level, (and cleared it with the episode’s dm as available), you can purchase it for your character either as a monetary treasure item or as a parcel slot treasure item under the relevant build system.

Just remember that in order to use a mount’s “mount keyword abilities” your character must have the “mounted combat” feat and the mount must be lower level than your character. My understanding is that you can use willing critters as mounts even without the feat but any mount keyword abilities they have will be unavailable. You may even have them make one of their attacks as a standard action instead of you, but without the mounted combat feat they’ll take -2 to their attack roll…

Buying Mounts

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