Career Timeline builder doc

Um – really would be good if I had any idea on how to format so please yell out if you know how to make a nice timeline in this editor…

This is the builder doc for the career path of the heroes. I think it’s important for the group to have some sketch idea of “what happens” during the heroes career since the different DM’s are going to be slotting episodes in up and down the scale. By creating a time line we create a platform to work from and can also then frame in some actual setting changing events without stuffing up other folks non verbalised ideas of direction.

As a builder doc about the best I can come up with for this is to create a question and answer form style format to help us dev the timeline. I use this type of schema to dev ideas a lot in my own stuff. In a co-operative setting I suppose we’ll just be taking questions from various sources and listing possible answers from all other sources then collating / debating till we come to an agreed upon development…

So feel free to throw your questions in here, maybe link the question to a forum thread where we can bounce ideas and debate before we put the winning answers down. I got some stuff from the face to face defining session we did the other day so I’ll be writing some answers in directly here and now – if I got it wrong then don’t heasitate to put a comment linking to forum in… :)

Questions about the heroes career path (timeline)

What is the span of the heroes career? – 200 years

What situations do the heroes act out of? – A Metropolis, (I think we need more)

What bases do the heroes have at one time or another? – floating castle, demiplane

What re-occuring events are involved in the heroes career? – Nemesis fights (fights with a group of heroes run by the pc’s, rare occurrance, not 50/50 split but rather most of hero group verse a couple of nemesis and some mobs)

what big events are there in the settings history? – mythic event founding of the city by exarch level characters (after ragnorok?) – we can play this episode as a break from our main stable of heroes…

Revelations involved in the storyline of heroes career? – discovering truth of the founding of the city.

Ok we need more info than that so maybe need to get adding stuff

What situations do the heroes act into at different parts of career? – So far from this thread we have…

  • An extended / massive ruin excavation (maybe mid heroic while based in city?)
  • covert ops from cloaked flying castle / wars from castles (high heroic?)
  • nearspace spelljamming / among the moons, inc fight off nearspace stuff (maybe late heroic to early paragon?, when using flying castle?)
  • passing threshold guardians to Access a world tree to go between otherwise unaccessable planes
    • might be start to an epic situation of conflict between factions – giants verse gods, with possiblity hostages on each side / complications etc

What is the calender used / dating convention?

Career Timeline builder doc

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