Defenders' and Intimidate

In the interests of making the Defender role feel more playable and flexible an Intimidate mechanic is being introduced for DM discretionary use.


Action:   Minor action   or   Immediate Interrupt
Trigger:  ((for immediate interrupt) A Mob marked by the defender attempts to take an action that does not include the defender as the target of an attack.
Check:  Intimidate vs Will Defense. The target must be able to see or hear the Defender & the Defender must be trained in Intimidate. Each defender can only make one attempt per target per round.
Success:   If reasonable (DM’s discretion) the mob must attack the defender within the next round, and its next attack within that round must target the defender.
Failure:  No effect.  Normal Mark effect still applies.

Mob A has been marked by Defender A, however on Mob A’s turn it decides to attack Striker B. Defender A rolls d20 + Intimidate against Mob A’s Willpower defense. The roll hits. Mob A may no longer target Striker B with its next action, instead it must first attack Defender A, if reasonably possible. It may move or make other actions, if they’re available, before attacking Defender A.

However, for the above example to succeed there are two (2) qualifiers. The DM must announce that Marked Mob A is not attacking Defender A before any move action occurs. Defender A must specify whether they will use their Intimidate interrupt or allow Mob A to attack the target of it’s choosing.

Also note that this interrupt does not force it’s target to make an attack that is not going to affect anyone because the defender is out of range of the target’s available attacks. It forces the target to include the defender in it’s next attack, so if the defender is out of range, it can change it’s initial attack action to a move action to get within range of the defender, and then with it’s next action attack the defender (which may not be until it’s next turn).

If the target can not feasibly or sensibly attack the defender – eg the defender is on the other side of a pit of spikes, and the mob has no way to get around the dangerous obstacle – then the target may ignore the effects of this effect.

Defenders' and Intimidate

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