East gate docks

A slum area of Cepilos, the east gate wharves lie downwind of some of the richest mercantile docks of the city. Only captains who are skint or shady tie up at East Gate however as the shallow, muddy shoals beneath the wharves are said to be studded with taboo remnants of the old, cursed technology.

Most of East Gate residents are subsistence fisher folk and tide line scavengers, but its large minority of thieves, whores, beggars, and drug addled n’er do wells tend to be more visible, giving the area a dangerous feel to the odd outsider who strays among the shanties by mistake.

East Gate lies in the lee of the walls of the planar embassy quarter and the locals blame many of the disappearances and gruesome events that happen on incursions by the strange and alien folk who live within those walls.

Associated groups and characters Episodes involved in
  • 3rd lvl – Slum dweller jail rescue

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East gate docks

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