Episode lvl 3 Slum Dweller Jail Break

This is the first episode to be run in our campaign. A low level shakedown with new characters in our shiny new setting :)

The sessions
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Set in the a Cepilos slum, Level 3 mission, Streetwise / infiltration / combat orientated

Amovere, playing Niveus Corvus
Dr Rick Dagless, playing Skurd WitchchokerStats
Echmoth, playing Baraqu, and then CheshireStats
Elenari, playing Elenari
FelthenHalfMathk, playing KraysusStats
Ravek – DM :)

Attendance – Amovere 3pts, Dr Rick 3pts, Echmoth 3pts, Elenari 3pts, Felthen 2pts, Ravek 3pts.
Primary objective – rescue the prisoners – 3pts each to all who attended.
Secondary objective – do not alert the prison barracks in course of rescue – 2pts each

The party were doing a favour for the Eastgate society of friends, a dock front collegium / gang. Some of the folk from Eastgate slum had been arrested and imprisoned by a mercenary organisation called the Mordant Hand. Kiptos, front man for the Eastgate Society, asked the heroes to rescue these prisoners and bring them to a society safe house, preferably without alerting the barracks or causing any kind of hunt through the streets type scenario.

The Doormen entered the barracks compound through a a mixture of violence and trickery, quickly locating the prisoners in a pit underground. It seemed that the Hand had been digging a smugglers tunnel under the portal embassy quarter’s wall which ran from an underground rift to a chamber presumed to be below the Selirath embassy.

Our adventures exited with the prisoners via the rift end of the tunnel, slaying two guardian fire snakes to do so. Following a trickling stream of sewrage running along the bottom of the rift in the cities bedrock brought the party out into the main cistern of the downflows under-city district. By trading on the name of the Eastgate Society they negotiated passage through the Downflows district (which was controlled by a different collegium), talking to Phetos, the gang boss in charge of that particular shift.

From there they were home free, another job well done, and favour earned with the Eastgate Society.

Read the sessions linked to above to see in detail what happened :)

Suggested hooks and usable bits
I reckon that the smugglers tunnel could be a good location for use in any episodes involving the need to sneak into the portal quarter, or else as a cameo location in higher level episodes involving dealing with the Selirath faction.

Whatever it is that the Hand and Selirath are smuggling in or out of the portal quarter might make a decent thread for an episode.

The enmity of the Hand, especially of Captain Moibus Drax might be something good to build up or pay off in an episode.

Similarly the favour of Kiptos and the Eastgate society might be a good thing to pay off or play on.

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Episode lvl 3 Slum Dweller Jail Break

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