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Ok so this is the page where folk can put up their episodes so that we can see what is upcoming. Just post the name of your episode here and maybe what info you can include in one line, then please link to a forum thread where you give details of what lvl heroes, what kind of mission etc, and where folk can talk about what kind of characters they want to bring in…

I’m using simple line formating to create sections (prepairing, ready, run) please move your episode as it changes status, thanks.

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  • Dr Rick is thinking of doing an episode based around a delve into Thalarion, starting from Chasm and possibly split into two parts – probably be in the upper paragon levels, maybe 15-17 or somethin. The episode would lead into a ‘flashback’/historical episode set at the time of ragnarok ;)
  • Amovere is thinking of running a wasteland based expedition in the Morroheim region.
  • Scamper is thinking about running a mid to upper heroic episode investigating the growing numbers of goblins being sighted on the verge of creeping wood, possibly responsible for people being abducted in the villages closest to the woods. Reason for the Doormen’s involvement is the abduction of the daughter of a higher class family.
  • Dr Rick is planning a kind of follow up episode to A Lot Of Bull, where the Doormen become mercenaries involved in the war between Atells and Tauroth. Level 12.
  • Ravek might conglomerate his nearspace pvp match and anti neogi pirates fight into an ep

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