flame serpents

Rearing up the height of a man these flame winged serpents can be terrifying to behold. A molten glow seeps between their dark scales and their fangs spray fiery venom. The very air crackles and flames around these elemental beasts when they are enraged.

Flame serpents do not usually occur in the wild on Monderul, being native to the elemental chaos. Occasionally they will be found however in and around volcanically active locations. These wild snakes, while long lived and dangerous are rarely known to grow much beyond medium size and moderate threat (solo, level 1-3 say).

Some organisations however, most notably the Nearspace group known as Selirath, have been known to breed and train flame serpents as property guards and personal pets. Some of the longest held of these serpents seem to grow to truly humongous proportions, becoming very dangerous indeed, (large, or even huge – and solos up to mid paragon in strength). Selirath usually keep close control of their valued livestock, although they may distribute week individuals of lesser bloodlines to their allies as a mark of favour.

Tactics and Stats
Flying and teleportation are key aspects of flame serpents, as is… well… Flame. Pick stat blocks with resistances that can be converted to flame, and possibly with vulnerabilities (make them to cold). Should also feature close blast or burst attacks which can be described as exhalations of flame. Grabs are good (constriction) as is attacks that do ongoing damage (flaming venom). Especially good is aura effects which deal damage, to represent the crackling zone of elemental flames these serpents surround themselves with.

Flame serpents should be solos, preferably brutes. Using their movement abilities to get in among their victim’s party where their fiery auras can scorch the maximum number of people. These things aren’t cheap cannon fodder. They should, especially the big ones, be the scary threshold guardians or defenders of the villain’s person that the party must face to reach their objective.

Episodes encountered in

flame serpents

An Episodic Life Ravek