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Ravek August 08, 2010 19:21 Ok, so I’ve decided to make a thread for this week’s coming pvp match. Please discuss and post what characters your gonna bring in and on what side etc (and maybe even tactics too) in this thread. Also please post your characters’ stats summarys from the builder here – like in the full episode i’ll be running on a “what you’ve posted is what you play” basis.

So the brief for the match.

Party: 18th level, make two characters each, form 2 oppositional parties Episode length: One session, scheduled for 12/8/10

Location: Zheekuk docks in nearspace Approach: Team based pvp combat with objective Useful skills: Void capable movement skills (especially for the “offensive” team)

Victory conditions •Nemisi team: sail the Nephilim clear of the battle map •Doormen team: Prevent the theft of the Nephilim Rewards •Participation: 2 fate points (this is per player not per character) •Victory: Bragging rights

Background This ties into the Neogi pirates attack! episode storyline so you can see there for overall background etc.

The The Nephilim II lay at anchor in Zheekuk docks nearspace docks while Captain Borold went to an inn in the port town to meet with members of The Doormen who’d been hired to protect his dangerous cargo.

Unfortunately a small party ofThe Nemisi chose that time to make a pre-emptive strike, boarding the Nephilim they have driven off the crew and proceeded to steal the whole vessel. As the session starts the Nemisi team is sailing the ship out past the outer docks and defences of the port.

About half of the hired party of Doormen (the mobile element?) have caught up with the Nemisi hijackers. Starting from outermost street and docks of the port they can attempt to intercept and halt the theft of the ship and its dangerous cargo. There are also the port defences to consider. Well placed bribes from the Nemisi team, paid out before the mission mean that the relevant posts are currently unmanned by their usual personnel but there are balista mounted on purposely placed outlying asteroids. These are capable of firing harpoon shots with trailing chain hawsers capable of slowing, turning, or stopping a schooner like the Nephilim completely – If the mobile elements can reach them….

Set up instructions So make two toons at 18th and deck them out for nearspace combat :) Use the thread to work out who is playing what characters on which team but I’m fine with any combo. Each player can play both on one side, or one on each side or whatever – as long as end up with two evenly numbered teams…

This is a good chance to test out your builds for “Neogi pirates attack!” episode, but your toons don’t especially have to be those builds (which is why I’ve started a different thread for this) – (esp since you might want to put a pvp edge on your characters).

Please cut an paste the stats summary of your builds to this thread, take care to list your consumables. You might also want to write up the face page for your characters and link em to these threads (in the character wiki, a couple sentences each on: physical description, personality description, bio/background, links to episodes used in).

Err… and that’s it, once you’ve posted your stats you’re good to go :) (I’d really appreciate it if as many as possible are ready to roll when arive at session since it only a one week window of op to play this)

Notes and special considerations The balista asteroids are something like 20 squares beyond the docks. I’m thinking they’ll have a range of something like 20/40. They have low single target accuracy / high single target damage, they also do a little splash damage and of course the cables turn / stop the ship. The harpoon cable will have toughness probably less than an iron door…

The Nephilim also has balista mounted, these are identical except that the harpoons do not have to have cables attatched.

Most of the battle map is in void space (which will give us a chance to test it out). You can refer to the Neogi pirates ep thread for full details but basically; free floating things drift at the start of each round, and three dimensional movement effects are very useful, esp teleport and mounts…

the rock of Zheekuk port has 2 squares of gravitic “influence”, the docks and smaller orbiting asteroids have 1 sq, the ships and larger asteroid defence platforms have 2 sq…

The Nephilim starts with a “headway” speed of 5. Headway / drift happens at the start of each round. The ship must pass through a gap between the outer docks and defensive asteroids. If it gets more than 40 squares from the outermost artillery position asteroid without any of the Doormen aboard or nearby then the Nemisi team have made good their escape… (err… obviously one side may be entirely dead before then ;)

The Nephilim has a helm near the rear of its deck. To operate the Helm a single character must be in occupy the square behind the wheel, and be uncontested (no combative enemies in adjacent squares). Operating the helm takes a move action, only one move action can be made per round (round not turn). With this move action the operator may turn the ships course by up to 45 degrees. Turning like this slows the ship’s speed by 1 squares or every 22.5 degree course change :) The operator may also (with the same move action) increase or decrease the ship’s speed by 1 sq per round. The maximum speed the Nephilim can achieve with its current rigging is 10sq/rd. It takes a minimum of 4 skilled crewmen acting together to alter the ship’s rigging (non of the player characters are skilled at this, there are no crew on board).... (is that complicated enough for you all :)

I’m not using any of the below decks areas of the Nephilim, nor the hold in this match. The unstable containment cubes are not a factor in this. The spell forge powering the ship is also not a factor. It is a purely pvp team match.

err, hope this one is fun…

RavekRavek August 08, 2010 19:21 err… Here’s some images of the situation :)

ScamperScamper August 09, 2010 12:48 Hell yeah looks and sound like a lot of fun… I’ll def play my Battlemind (i’ll post him when I have given him a mount and consumables.) and other char will prob be a pesky rogue…

depending on how the others want to set up the teams I’ll play the Battlemind tank on the Doorman team…

post them soon… also there is a small chance that I wont be here on Thursday too but I’ll let you know before hand.

RavekRavek August 09, 2010 13:04 Sweet, thanks heaps. I’ll start a team list here and update it as folk say what they’re gonna play so that people can get a easy reference for who’s got what on which side :)

So, characters so far:

The Doormen team

•Psymon (Scamper’s Battlemind tank) •Elenari (Elenari’s bard)

The Nemisi team •Skitter? (Scamper’s pesky rogue) •Dances on Raindrops? (Elenari’s monk)

out of action Dr Rick

teamlist last updated 11/8/10

Dr Rick DaglessDr Rick Dagless August 09, 2010 13:12 Hehe looks awesome, unfortunately I won’t be able to game this week either, I’ll be out at Goombungee until friday :(. You guys are welcome to play here without me though hehe

RavekRavek August 09, 2010 13:27 ah doh, ok thanks for letting us trash… I mean use your place still :) an have fun.

ElenariElenari August 10, 2010 23:14 i’ll monk the nemisi and bard the doormen. i’m having a slight disaster week again this week so i can’t make any promises about how character awesome they’ll be.

on a different note does anyone know any way to change the char builder output into something simple like pdf so i can print at work?

RavekRavek August 11, 2010 07:11 sweet thanks, that’ll make an interesting mix. Should I say the Nemisi monk is Dances on Raindrops? or a different character? (maybe someone from the distaff school descended from Jumps’s teachings?) (actually come to think of it considering rillamond wouldn’t a good(ish) monk philosopy be more likely more likely to be a kind of opositional school and any evil monks be right there as jumps’s spiritual inheritors?)

Err… anyway. I don’t know any way of easily turning the character sheets to pdf for printing but if you send me the builder files for ‘em I can happily print them off from over here.

RavekRavek August 13, 2010 12:36 So… erm… after that game I just don’t seem to be able to get the idea out of my head of running a vampire game… – Jack Bauer verse the zombie apocalypse… ??

RavekRavek August 13, 2010 12:37 ... Jack Bauer causes the city to survive translocation into the durassic era?

RavekRavek August 13, 2010 12:45 err… or maybe a pvp match Chev Chelios verse Jack?

chev mightn’t keep any given dude’s mobile phone long enough for the rest of the 24 crew to track but at least they’d be able to find him easily enough (and get some interesting cctv footage to look at at the same time…)

Dr Rick DaglessDr Rick Dagless August 14, 2010 00:40 Aargh, that marathon session of 24 seems to have melted Ravek’s brain ;P

RavekRavek August 14, 2010 13:16 bubble bubble

must see three gun fights, two interogations, a big plot twist and a regenerating set of heroes… before lunchtime…

Actually I loved the way they took care with continuity to sort of show the different stages of various wounds healing over course of a few hours…

Dr Rick DaglessDr Rick Dagless August 14, 2010 22:34 hehe I can’t stand to watch even one episode before I need healing ;P

By the way who wants to go to Melbourne for the World Science Fiction Convention? :D

RavekRavek August 15, 2010 22:13 That con looks pretty huge :)

200 bucks for a dealers table. We could sell… something… but I must be loosing my grip on fiction, only recognise one of the authors nominated for a hugo and its someone whose books I’ve looked at and pretty much decided not to read… (china mevile)

Dr Rick DaglessDr Rick Dagless August 16, 2010 11:31 Yeah I only recognise a couple of the nominees, and I haven’t read any of them. We could set up a table and sell real estate on Adakontos, there’s still plenty of space up for grabs there ;P.

Are you gone for the next two weeks ravek, or does that start next week?

RavekRavek August 16, 2010 15:09 hehe, we could sell some Cepilotian bridges :)

Yep, I won’t be able to play this week, nor next week, (n maybe the week after either) :(... hope you guys have fun :)

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