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Err… just creating a dedicated thread for discussing what to play next. as such shifting some comments over here from the old map changes discussion…

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Hehe never apologise for making money :)

I’ll start a thread for a scheduling convo and archive this one, since the initial topic of map version three seems to be resolved

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Err, ok – So I’d intended to come back to the thurs 9th sep session, but I can be back on any day that week (mon 6th to sun 12th) if the game-day changes.

When do you go away Dr? If there is a nice number of weeks between me returning and you leaving there it’d be convenient to play my nearspace fights episode in that period. (if you say good to go-ahead then I’ll put up the version 2 episode thread directly).

For the longer term (dec and next year’s gaming) we might want to think about what we gonna do… For me this multi dm campaign is pretty much in a fail state. I’m sure there are some things we could do to get it humming along but do we actually want to? There are a couple other game ideas I’d be interested in if we can’t get a minimum quorum play this one successfully. And of course got to consider you guys to, if it ok to keep crashing your place each week for gaming…

So I can see four options at the moment:

#1 – Get this multi dm campaign humming along
Not sure what is needed to do this but the site feels pretty lonely with only you, me, and Elenari echoing around in it. Also, by my count we’ve only played four combats in four or five months worth of play so flow would need real improving somehow. I was wondering about that clip we saw online with their multi dm system…

#2 – Demonbreed in the zombie apocalypse
I got an idea for a 10 to 30 session campaign could run using basic world of darkness rules. But it’d be a very ‘closed’ single dm campaign (basically me being my old style of tin pot tyrant) because the setting / idea is my next written story project (so I’d be asking for reserved rights, choice of players, sobriety, actual role playing, etc). If folk are interested in this I need to know early because there is a hundred or two hours of work (a couple months dev time) involved in getting it converted into an rpg…

#3 – Some kind of turn based pvp wargame
It’s occurred to me that using this combination of wiki pages, forum threads, and map tools on the tv that we got going, we could create a pretty cool turn based wargaming “campaign”. I was thinking could dev the warhammer lothr rules for actual battles (maybe with that mod to include manna tap magic that we were mucking around with a few years ago?). Then for the campaign have folk dev their “area”s of a map on the site in some kind of turn based, dm mediated game system using forum threads and wiki pages (so a bit like the total war games where you recruit from pop centres and add improvements etc…). The face to face session could basically be a tournament where folk fight / resolve the battles that have been generated from the week’s play by mail style turn based play… (ie as dif players raid or invade each other…). I think this idea could be a lot of fun but also represents a shit load of work, a pretty long dev task to get a workable system, and possibly also the need to do game wipes and restarts when doing initial few campaigns just to address balance issues etc – so it’d need some commitment ;P

#4 – take a break Has to be considered as an option… Might also be an option to try change venue or make other changes if there anything that needs refreshing…

So that’s about what I was wondering, any thoughts on the options or on other options for next years game-play?

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err – looking at that map thread another option just occurred to me for next year – Dr would you be interested in dm’ing a darksun campaign? (I’d love to play if you are :)

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Any of those options sound good to me, haha. Yeah progress on An Episodic Life does seem to be a dead in the water unfortunately, but if we do call it off, I’d still like to keep working on the setting, even if only for my own amusement, and to get better with Campaign Cartographer ;).

I’ll be in Japan from October 13 till November 5 I think, its just for 3 weeks basically. I may also be going to Melbourne next week for that convention, if I do it’ll be Friday thru Tuesday. Apart from that I should be pretty free for the rest of the year..

I’d be most inclined for option 1 or 2, or for running a Dark Sun game, although I wouldn’t be ready to start that until mid-November probably. I’d be happy to play some Dark Sun until Ravek has the demonbreed game ready to go, I was also considering doing a short episode using the GURPS system, just for shits and giggles..

The pvp game would be fun, but it sounds like a bit too much work, and I’m not sure how well the prepping for matches online would work, considering how little input we’re getting for this campaign hehe ;D

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hehe cool, that sounds like smorgasbord of everything except the wargaming monstrosity idea :)

In the short term I’ll schedule my doormen nearspace episode to run between the 7th september and 1st week of october (If I get a min number characters posted before then that is ;P – I’ll try to put up a thread for the new version of nearspace ep tonight or tomorrow. (what day of the week do folk want to play for this ep? – for such a short period I can be available on any given day).

If we want to keep this site and still dev this world then how would it be if I created a separate closed “Campaign” so as to create a forum and calendar for scheduling when folk gonna run any kind of games and stuff… Basically transferring scheduling processes to a “site” for the gaming group rather than any single setting / campaign. That way we could try for something like pencilling your short gurps for the end of this year (is it battle of the bulge? I wanna play that one too :), your darksun, my demonbreed, and anything anyone else wants to run (including if Amovere and Scamper want to tote up Doormen episodes) etc

For an off the cuff estimate I think I could do the first part of a demon breed campaign at about 10 or 15 session starting in about march…

Do you know if Felthen is still interested in doing anything with his new york by night setting?

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Ya a separate page for scheduling sounds a good idea, I’ll throw you some coin for the site upkeep too :D.

The GURPS game I was thinking of doing is actually a new one hehe – set in feudal Japan, where you play the Seven Samurai (or six of them anyway) after the events of the movie. Basically its just a few scenes where the samurai go to Himeji-jo to be rewarded for their heroic efforts by the regent, Toyotomi Hideyoshi…I might do a Portal site for it too actually, that’ll give me more incentive to work on it ;D

For the nearspace ep, Tuesday and Wednesday are the only nights I have off now, and Tuesday would probly be better as Amovere works Wednesday nights.

Not sure if/when Felthen will have his vampire game ready, I’ll probably see him later in the week and find out..

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Nah, don’t worry bout anything for this site, it costs me less than two thirds what you pay for insider and it ain’t like you crash my house weekly :)

So I created a scheduling site, gave it a bare bones setup (here), and sent out invites – so hopefully that forum will be useful for talking about what happening next and this forum can be for developing the world of this campaign… (I redirected the next episode page for episodic life to the general scheduler too).

I’ll run with tuesday nights as game night for my nearspace combat episode (which I’ve decided to call ‘Voyage of the Nephilim’ btw… catchy?)...

Samurai sounds like an awesome idea I’ll have to dig out my Kurosawa collection :)P (love that scene in youjimbou where dude enters town with only a glance at the mongrel dog trotting past, a severed hand in its mouth… Have fun visiting the actual sites :)

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