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The Atlas

Monderul (the “world” / prime material plane in which game starts)

Adakontos (continent on which heroes’ career starts, see a map)

Kontic Peninsula (Region, central Adakontos)

Cepilos (city in which the heroes’ career starts) (stub)
Aristoi’s Cepilos (area, the hilltops and rich folks’ districts)
Capitol Hill (district)
the Forum (Locale)
Judgement Plaza (Locale)
the “Noble’s Quarter” (district)
the Theatre (Locale)
Merchants Association (faction)
The Mordant Hand (faction)
The Darkened Hand (faction)
Thieves’ den (locale)
Nezraeth (npc)
Mages’ Quarter (Area)
Timekeepers Guild (faction)
The Weather Mages (faction)
Portal Embassies’ quarter(Area)
the Portal Quarter Markets(District)
The Tethered Citadels (Area)
Lower Cepilos (Area, the lowgrounds waterfronts and slums)
Main Docks (district)
Mid City slum (district)
The Everchanging (faction)
Breena (npc)
Wall Street (district)
The Mordant Hand’s Wall Street barracks (locale)
Captain Moibus Drax (npc)
East Gate slum (district)
The Eastgate Society of Friends (faction)
Content Not Found: Kiptos (npc)

The Sewers / mundane Under-city (Area)
Rats’ Plague Warren (district) (stub)
The Shadow reflection under-city (Area)

Glinting Isles (region, in south central Adakontos)
Nemta (City, they don’t like Cepilos)(stub)

Morroheim Wastelands (Region, NW Adakontos)
Morroheim (City, see a map)

Seven Peaks (Region, NW Adakontos)

Sea of Aegis (region, in central NE Adakontos)
Atells (city)
King Theseus (npc)
Bedlam (city)
Cepilominoi (city)
Dag-Trun sept (faction)
Ikaria (island)
Ikaros (npc)
Fault (npc)
Ithaka (city)
Ulysses (npc)
Kaddastrei (city)
Lethe (city)
Lyuster (city)
Tauroth (island) (stub)
Asterion (npc)
King Minos (npc)
Knossos (port)
Labyrisgaea (dungeon)
Phaistos (palace)
Queen Pasiphae (npc)
The Phalange (item)
Vesper (city)
Archimedes (npc)
Daidolos (npc)

Atlas’ Breach (region, in E Adakontos)
The Reaping Legion (faction)
Chasm (city)
The Knights of the Temple in the Roost (faction; aka Loftwarriors, Roosters)
The Trenchguard (faction)
The Tunnelworms (faction)
Thalarion (a city of evil repute)

Has-Te-Klees Bay (region, in E Adakontos)

Creepingwood (region, in E Adakontos)

Earthspike Mountains (region, in E Adakontos)

Oblivion Shore (region, in far E Adakontos)

Straits of Ulyss (region, in E Adakontos)

Oblivion Reef (undersea continent – east of Adakontos)

Nearspace (beyond the surface of the world)(stub)
Monderal’s local nearspace (stuff in low and high orbit of Monderul)
Zheekuk space docks (city)
The Red Moon (about size and shape of real luna)(stub )
Selirath (Spelljamming faction with interests in Cepilos)
The Nephilim II (Faction / locale – ship)(stub )
Darkstar (a tiny moon, orbits the red moon?) (stub)
The Big Moon (A big, distant moon, gives off ?? light)

The World Tree (extra planar nexus)

From Parts Unknown….
Atlas (an exarch or primordial?)
Aegis (??)
Hephaistos (exarch of Moradin)

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