Monderul is the prime material plane (the “world”) in which the campaign starts.

On the whole Monderul’s physics, climate, and geography are fairly “normal”. It has large seas and fairly evenly distributed continents, even seasons in a twelve month year with reasonable scaling of climate zones according to latitude etc.

The day / night cycle is twenty four hours, but there are three moons which cause chaotic weather and tidal situations as well as having an influence on certain other phenomena (wild fires are more common at some phase combinations for example, lightning strikes at others…).

Monderul suffered trauma at a tectonic level as recently as a thousand years ago during a conflict the current inhabitants know as “ragnarok” or “the end of the world”. The surface of Monderul has been deformed and reshaped by that trauma. In fact, the common view held by folk within the area colonised by Cepilos is that that city was founded by the only survivors of those events. Much of the world remains unexplored by modern day folk, a hostile wilderness that is littered in places with remnants of alien, high magic technology, presumably from the civilizations which existed before ragnarok.

The three moons exist in an etheric medium called Nearspace. They are settled and the spell-jamming dwellers of Nearspace visit the surface of Monderul. There are also rumoured to be natural breaches and portals within Monderul that link through branches of the world tree to domains in the celestial and primal planes…

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