Morroheim is founded from and built upon a pre-apocolyptic ruin of unknown size or origin, it could once have been a town, city or temple region. Originally founded by people/tribes wandering the wastelands whom seem to have been drawn to this centralised point. It is seen as a non-progressive city with a low trade traffic from other cities. Morroheim has been somewhat shunned by other civilisations, as high portion of other peoples think of pre-apoc tech as taboo, this accounts for their lack of growth or progression.

As such the people of Morroheim have been able to stick to their tribal roots and have a strong sense of community. Its not to say they’re backward, but more grounded. In fact they live off the outer world quite efficiently and have developed a strong connection with the land.

Recently many powerful magicians have started presenting themselves throughout the Morroheim culture. Speculation exists that these people may have gained knowledge from the old world, and that this site was once a key area for magics (could this have once been a temple dedicated to some lost god).

Due to the vast scape of desolate land in this region the people of Morroheim have become adept at the use of horses. Furthermore horses are one of the primary sources of trade, as many of the breeding grounds are in the outlands of the city, other peoples see them as being less tainted than the people of Morroheim.

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