Sea of Aegis

An inland sea within the continent of Adakontos. Several powerful city-states are located in and around the sea, as well as many other settlements, islands and ruins of pre-ragnarok civilisation. The sea is several hundred miles from Cepilos (which lies on the coast of an ocean?). It’s communities are all less than 300 years old, having been founded in later waves of colonisation from Cepilos and some other cities. Climate is pretty much like the Mediterranean.

The sea gets it’s name from a colossal statue which rears up from the center of it’s expanse. The statue takes the form of a kneeling dwarf with a shield held above his head, the entire figure at least 500 metres tall, with the sea coming up to about it’s waist. Faded inscriptions carved into the bust’s armour indicate that it represents a champion or exarch of Moradin.

A titanic waterfall pours onto the shield of Aegis from an enormous rent in the sky above. Cascading down the edges of the shield, these waters are considered sacred by most of the inhabitants of the sea, although their mystic properties are quickly diluted after merging with the mundane water of the sea. The rent seems to be some kind of gate to the World Tree, held open by means unknown.

Significant settlements in the region (ie with a population of 5000 or more) include Atells, Bedlam, Cepilominoi, Ithaka, Kaddastrei, Lethe, Lyuster, Tauroth, and Vesper.

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Sea of Aegis

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