Tag list for making pages

There are few hierarchical tags so far:
      • Coordination – for the episode scheduler, the fate point log, and similar
      • Episode – for episode front pages (not ep forum threads or adventure logs)
      • History – for pages describing the adventurers’ career and events therein
      • Place – for place write ups
      • Faction – for faction write ups
      • Bestiary – for descriptions of significant beasts and monsters in the setting
      • Background Info – pages giving info which helps build game world objects like places etc
      • Convention – for how to do things style pages
      • Rule – for the campaign’s homebrew rules accepted across most episodes
      • Ex Forum thread – for archive pages containing the cut and paste copy of deleted forum threads.
      • Obsolete – another archive tag, this one for superseded or obsolete wiki pages

The rest are associative grouping tags, including so far:
      • Stub – for pages that have been created but not filled with content
      • Character Origin – for places that a player character comes from
      • World Tree Branch – for places potentially containing openings to the world tree
      • Hook Available – for places, people etc who contain a situation which is available for other DM’s to make episodes with, (put more detailed notes in GM section of page)
      • Dies – indicates a character dies sometime during the heroes career span, useful for DM’s to be aware of

Some hierarchical divisions and associative concepts do not need tags, specifically:
      • Pc verse npc – already made clear in the default character wiki layout
      • “Plane”, “Continent”, “Region”, “City”, “Area”, “District”, and “Locale” are all divisions indicated on the table of contents rather than tags.
      • Specific location contained / dwells in – is shown in layout of the atlas.

The Character wiki is actually seperate from the main wiki, and has a seperate tagging systems. I suggest that we don’t tag pc characters at all, (it just looks ugly), but npc’s could probably do with being tagged with both the specific district they reside in and the factions they below to…

Tag list for making pages

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