Several miles from Chasm, Thalarion, The City of A Thousand Wonders, rises out of a murky lake at the bottom of Atlas’ Breach. A relic of the last age, this mysterious city was once encased in the earth, reachable only by portal or similar means. During the final stages of Ragnarok, the exarch Atlas, driven into a rage by weird, psychic perturbations emanating from the city, tore the ground apart in a furious attempt to eradicate the source of his torment (creating the dramatic gouge that is now known as Atlas’ Breach). Finally he reached the city, only to behold some maddening horror in the bone white streets, which stripped away the last fragments of the demigod’s sanity – stumbling out the gates of Thalarion in a mindless stupor, his drool pooled around the city, immersing it in the foul ichor which still environs the place.

These days, only the adventurous go near The City of A Thousand Wonders, though there are plenty of those sorts in Chasm and come from miles around, drawn by it’s ‘grim gray walls, over which one might spy only a few roofs, weird and ominous, yet adorned with rich friezes and alluring sculptures’ . Some small rough and tumble outposts have been warily set up a safe distance from the city itself, to act as venture points for foraging parties looking for taboo tech and other strange, alien artifacts, as well as some clue to the final fate of Atlas. But for those who negotiate the dangers of the lake and walls, in the city itself ‘walk only daemons and mad things that are no longer men, and the streets are white with the unburied bones of those who have looked upon the eidolon Lathi, that reigns over the city’.

[The quotes are taken from Lovecraft’s The White Ship, I love my Lovecraft ;D]

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