The city builder doc

Ok this is the big one the first and greatest situation that the heroes act out of – the setting pretty much.

I’m gonna just write in some notes from that first face to face session of brainstorming we did, then I’ll start a question list. Add questions to the list, link them to a forum thread where we can debate, then when we have some semblence of consensus we can list the answer next to the question on this page – well thats the idea anyway…
  • notes from the first brainstorm session

    The city is a big metropolis with capacity for yielding 1st to 30th lvl episodes.

    It is on the coast and has a port associated with it (potential for sea adventures)

    it is built ontop of layers of ruins which blend sidreal into Shade – has sewers and stuff too – multiple ways down

    It is planar active but not freely accessable – (portals in guild headquaters, cults etc)

    It is a city of a thousand secrets

    There are three moons (red, green, and purple) – there is a colony on the moon!? (I’m assuming it nearby? a low atmosphere moon?) – moon cults experiment with environmental weaponry (see climate)

    The climate is temperate summers, cold winters – there are rapid storm / weather change events which are affected by the moons and may or may not be mage guild moderated)

    There are mountains nearby with a nordicish landscape

    The city features a powerful mage organisation capable of being a patron and mission source

    the city was founded by exarch lvl heroes after a mythic event (ragnorok?) – the city believe that it was the birth of a new world and that all the world was founded from here. Discovering the truth of the past is potential for story.

    the city is a bit like rome in its late stages – still think they in control of their own empire and mostly are, but other stuff is rising and the city is collapsing under its own weight – mid to high heroic fronteeir episodes posible involving taking out fronteeir towns gone insurgent etc – the fronteeirs are important locations for the city as a setting
  • ideas which came out just after first brainstorm session mostly ended

    there are high arcane tech ruins left over – a common taboo exists on pre apocolypse arcane tech – town tech is mechanical – water and wind mills not manufactorys – no gunpowder – yes to alchemists fire – metalurty is up to steel – there are no living constructs but maybe newer cities have them

    religion is urban polytheistic

    the city is ringed and sectioned (walled quaters?) with varient lvls power between sections – multi nodal in terms of power – power centers give interesting areas in the null spaces between (slums etc)

    The power nodes are: Mage libraries, political center, and a portal / planar consulate / quater inc stuff to hells and elemental cities this is a trade contact center

    religion is decentralised because fractious polythiestic, not political power node

    protrusions of old tech that are not removable can create slum areas as those with money to do so don’t live anywhere near the stuff

    the city has floating fortresses tethered above it? – they part of the defenses – wyvern riders are a major type of recognised military elite / defender
  • Ok now onto questions to expand definition

    What should the city’s name be? – Cepilos

    What was the pattern of settlement? / What are the cities rivals for power like?

    errm…. hoping you guys can add and discuss more questions / ideas :)

    The city builder doc

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