The Darkened Hand

The thieves of Cepilos have been borne more out of an aptitude for relieving people of possessions than an organised crime conglomeration. In a city of over a million people there are always those who enjoy working when their job is to adjust the ownership of items.

A very gradual growth in numbers and abilities has occurred in the recent past but even now the most exaggerated estimate still puts them at less than 500 “members”. This is not to say that the Hand is an insignificant force. They are strongly governed by a Githyanki calling himself Nezraeth and there are rumoured to be very strict guidelines to their actions.

The general consensus on the street is that the current Thieves den is an opulent mansion located on the north-east wall of the Nobles Quarter. There are also rumours of various other bolt-holes and refuges scattered over the various Districts. Whispers are also heard that the guarded Gates may not be the paths of choice for the Guild to move between the Districts.

Motto: We do not steal. We acquire other people’s possessions for their safety. They might get mugged if they retained a noisy purse.

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The Darkened Hand

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