The Knights of the Temple in the Roost

Also known as Loftwarriors or Roosters.

Stated Goal: Above all, to further the interests and influence of Kord and his church. The Knights have a heavy investment in the defense and well being of Chasm, and have announced that they aim to destroy The Reaping Legion.

Size: There are currently a couple of hundred ordained and titled Knights, and more than a thousand Acolytes striving for knighthood.

Alignment: Unaligned.

Philosophy: “We are the brave and able sword arm of Kord. Through his favour we keep the people of Chasm safe, and with unity and strength of body we cleanse the world of it’s terrors and dangers.”


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History: Established in the early 6th century PR a decade or so after Chasm was founded, the Knights were officially inaugurated when the Temple in the Roost was completed. Their first commander, a particularly disciplined Kordian, laid down rules for the order’s organisation and conduct, which are still adhered to now, although there have been a few minor alterations.

Leadership: Since 838 PR, Leptos Magma has led the Loftwarriors, his official title is ‘Hewfather’. Swordmarshal Pericles commands the Banehammer Corps.

Headquarters: The Temple in the Roost – a large, sprawling structure covering a spur of earth that juts out from the cliff wall in Chasm.

Membership Requirements: Beyond a dedication to Kord and a fit and able body there are no particular requirements for would be Acolytes of the Temple. However the harsh initiation rituals and rigorous military training weeds out the weaker and less devoted applicants.

Structure: The Knights are organised along rigid military lines, as set out by their founder. There are several different contingents each with their own responsibilities and their own leader. The Banehammer Corps is the Knight’s army in the field, which also includes auxiliary units composed of indentured warriors (mostly used as arrow fodder), mercenaries, adventurers and detachments from other temples of Kord.

Activities: The principal occupation of the Knights is aiding in the defense and security of Chasm – they take a significant role in training and equipping the The Trenchguard, as well as supporting the soldiers in battle, and providing healing.

The Temple undertakes propitiation ceremonies and the usual assorted religious rites to maintain the favour of Kord on the city’s behalf. The priests have been involving themselves in the wider affairs of the city as well – they think they are being sly about it, but the Knights are somewhat lacking in subtlety – the battlefield is their true home.

Enemies: The Reaping Legion – the Loftwarriors declared a holy war (they refer to it as Kord’s Vengeance) against the Banites in 845 PR. There have been several major engagements, with the Banites having the upper hand so far.


(Picture from Divine Power)

As a kind of self-appointed police force in Chasm, the Loftwarriors are continually on the lookout for spies, infiltrators, saboteurs and other insidious elements, as well as for common criminals. They are particularly interested in rooting out and destroying the Tunnelworms.

Rivals: Several prominent citizens amongst the ruling families and merchant organisations of Chasm have come to resent the influence of the Roosters in their affairs, and are attempting to curb the power of the Temple, both overtly and subtly.

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The Knights of the Temple in the Roost

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