The Nephilim II

The Nephilim II is a twin masted spell jaming schonar, about 85 feet long (I think, can’t remember offhand at the moment). It plys nearspace routes between monderul and the red and green moons, occasionally acting as a prisoner transport for powerful factions sofar unnamed.

Basically the nephilim has a main deck, a mid deck, and a hold. The bow section of hull leavers down to form a cargo hatch for the hold. The spell forge powering the craft occupies a sealed off rear section of the hold, and is operated from a rear mid decks cabin above. The captain’s quarters are in the bow of the mid decks, while the crew (there are 30 crew I think) occupy common sleeping areas on each side of mid deck. Up on top the mid deck both the prow and the stern are raised, each having two ship to ship balista mounted. the helm is in the middle of the stern castle. The hold has an overhead cargo rail which is also the “spine” of the ship (channaling energies from the spellforge.

here are some pics…

Main deck (without detail of balista or forcastle soz)
Web version boat main deck.png

Mid deck
Web version boat mid deck

The hold
Web version boat hold

Err there is more detail and info on how helm works and balista etc but that mostly in the thread for the episode in which this ship used first time – will redo this page latter if more stuff nessisary… :)

The Nephilim II

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