The Trenchguard

Stated Goal: To protect the city of Chasm and it’s assets, and more broadly to defend it’s trading interests.

Size: Tends to vary somewhat depending on losses incurred from battle. The current Order of Battle lists the Trenchguard as having an on paper strength of more than 1000 soldiers. At any one time, there may be from a score to a few hundred recruits in training. About threescore Trenchguard are on ‘loan’ to the Banehammer Corps at any one time – these numbers may increase in the future if the Loftwarriors have their way.

Alignment: Unaligned.

History: Ever since Chasm was founded it has had a competent military to defend it from the many threats it has faced. The Trenchguard in it’s current form has largely been due to the influence of the Loftwarriors, who were officially granted control over the army’s training and equipment by the Nest in 770 PR.

Leadership: The elected head of Chasm’s government, the Riftwarden, is also commander of the Trenchguard. Since 847 PR, Naltossen Skulltucket has held the position.

Headquarters: The Trenchguard have a number of barracks, defensive points, watchtowers and outposts in and around Chasm, but their headquarters are located in a moderately fortified compound at the top of the cliffside, known as Clefthold. This structure also includes the main training grounds; armoury; and the stables and quarters for the Galeriders.

Membership Requirements: Only citizens of Chasm are allowed to join the Trenchguard, and applicants are scrutinised physically, psychologically and magically before they are recruited – the threat of infiltrators is taken seriously by the Trenchguard.

Structure: The Trenchguard are broken down into a number of discrete and largely self-contained Companies, each of which is named after a creature of the region – Vulture Company, Stoneadder Company, Hearthcat Company, etc.

The Galeriders form their own contingent within the army. They mostly consist of Hippogriff mounts and their riders, with a handful of Chimeras providing a heavy assault element.

A small spellcaster cadre is attached to either the infantry body of the Trenchguard, or the Galeriders, as required. Most of it’s members are either Arcane or Primal casters, but there are also a few priests of faiths other than Kord.

Activities: Obviously most of the Trenchguards’ time is occupied with the protection of Chasm – training; building and maintaining defences; and fighting. Several units of the Trenchguard have been appropriated by the Knights of the Roost for use in their ongoing war against The Reaping Legion. These units have suffered heavy losses and those soldiers that return are often scarred by what they have experienced.

Rivals: Each Company has it’s own strong sense of identity and brotherhood, and often strives to outdo the other Companies. The Galeriders are seen as aloof and ineffective by many of the guard infantrymen.

The Trenchguard

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