Wanted Episodes

This page is a place for players to put up episodes they’d love to play in, and for DM’s to browse for ideas on what to run.

If you’re a player then post here if there is something you’d like to do. It might be a type of monster you want to fight, or maybe a place you’ve always wanted to explore. Perhaps a faction you want to get revenge against, or a strategic move you think the party would have made at that point in the overall storyline, or anything you want to have a chance to have your character do…

Low Heroic
First conflict with the Nemisis party?

Something featuring shitloads of small mobs that Tageo can swarm…
    • {Ravek would like! ;}
A cult house smash where can use Kravek Selseson as nemisis mastermind of a Cepilotian cult
    • {Ravek would like! ;}

A mid heroic adventure where the doormen go after “fountain of youth” or otherwise extend their life or gain immortality

High Heroic

Capture or win our own flying fortress (take from the nemisis party?)

Fight a threshold guardian to get access to the world tree (maybe higher tier?)

Fight raiding parties coming from Oblivion Reef off of eastern adakontos
    • {Ravek would like – would love to get a chance to fight some sahaugin :}

Low Paragon

First contact with neogi factions in nearspace?

High Paragon

Deflect a planet killer comet (spelljamming with flying fort in nearspace)

Find and smash the local nearspace neogi faction’s headquarters

An episode involving The Triple Convergence where the doormen also achieve breakthrough into epic level

Low Epic

High Epic

Pre or Post the Doormen’s career (hehe)

Play the founding of Cepilos (pre career, epic characters?)

For Players

  • Please make your posts one line entries, stating (if possible): the objective, the action, the opposed faction and area…
  • Please post your wanted episode idea in the relevant level range (see the career overview to get an idea of what kind of thing is happening at different periods. Remember that this board is for specific episode ideas, if you’re proposing a whole area of endevour or modus operandi then make a forum thread to discuss and get it added as a situation acted out of / into in the career overview :)
  • You can add your player username after up to three episode idea postings to “vote” / show interest in playing each of those scenarios – this carrys no official weight as to what is played next etc but indicates to DM’s which potential episodes are most wanted…
  • if you want to elaborate or discuss an idea then make a forum topic about it and add a link from the idea line in here to the thread

For DM’s
  • Feel free to take and develop ideas from here into your next episode.
  • If you do take an idea then remember to remove its posting on this wanted board and add it (and yourself) as an entry in the “preparing” section of the Episode Scheduler. You might want to leave a little note on this board where the posting was saying you took on the episode and on what date (such notes will prob get cleaned off after a couple weeks).
  • Of course, if things pan out that you decide not to end up running an idea you took then please repost it here.

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Wanted Episodes

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