What game objects should get written up

So just a list of what we should be keeping and updating records of.

Feel free to add to the list – I’m putting a full line of space between items because I can’t be bothered inserting line break tags by hand (this editor doesn’t seem to recognise hard returns).

If you want to debate whether we should keep records of a type game object on the list then put a comment after it and link that comment to a forum thread to discuss / debate it.

Game objects to keep records of

Hero bios and stats (I’m thinking bios as wiki, stats file with each episode writeup?) [I think we should save a version of each character at the start of each adventure and again at the completion of the adventure (with the new gear they’ve obtained and consumables used) – Rick Dagless]

Npc bios (what should be included? – possibly a timeline of encounters too)

Area descriptions (like a visitors / DM’s guide)

Faction descriptions

Locale descriptions (inc combat zones, maybe the rptools maps too)

Item’s found (yes I know but descriptions rather than stats)

Event guides (if something changes the setting slightly, describes how/when etc)

Errm – I either have a mental blank or there aren’t many categories – see if you guys can add some more?

What game objects should get written up

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