Which brainstorm lists should we have

So I’m thinking nothing too fancy here. This is just a list of brainstorm builder lists we could use, feel free to add more into this page. If you want to go ahead and create a list of one of the things below then just double square brackets around the word with a straight up and down between the shorter name you give page and the full text of the list entry – I’ll demonstrate with the square brackets reversed to remove functionality.

]]pithy page name|long and frivoulous list entry[[

That will actually create a page in the wiki when you click on the red link and you can start brainstorming.

If you want to comment on this list / discuss if we should create a brainstorm list for one of the entrys then put a short comment after the list entry and link that comment to a forum thread where we can discuss (not so sure how to do that, will give it a go later or get someone computer literate to tell us).

lastly I’m using spaces between the list entrys because this editor seems to have trouble with hard returns (ie its not wysiwyg it semi needs code or somethign…)

Stuff we should brainstorm

  • Situations the heroes act out of / in to.
  • Also Here
  • Possible mission objectives

    Episode ideas we’d like to play in

    Home bases the heroes could have.

    Possible allies

    Possible patrons

    Groups the heroes could help out

    Organisations / folk heroes would buy supplies from.

    Possible enimies

    Monsters we want to fight (plays with possible enemies)

    Possible rivals

    Terrain we’d like to fight in

    Monster combat tactics we want to come up against

    trap types we’d like to encounter

    movement challanges we’d like to face

    political situations we’d like to be in

    social challanges we’d like to face

    treasures we’d want to find (more the type / feel / story significance since stats not imp here)

    Non monetary things heroes could gain (like boons, favour, ownerships etc)

    things the heroes could achieve in the world

    Which brainstorm lists should we have

    An Episodic Life Ravek