Kravek Selseson

A withered old man who rubs his hands together like the scheming megalomaniac he truly is...


Kravek Selseson is almost a characterture of the withered old villainous mastermind. Some kind of magician or other, (haven’t made him up too well at this point), he can be found behind many a dastardly plot in his endless quest to seize control of various areas, or organisations. His aim is to seize control of the whole of Cepilos, or one day the World itself!

Wizened, and with a predilection for cackling evilly, Kravek can most usually be found ensconced within a comfortably furnished domicile, preferring to orchestrate his minions from the comfort of his own home. Occasionally though he may be seen lurking among the fringes of crowds within the courts and halls of places where the truly powerful gather, (such as the forum, or the theater). Or (shuddering with distaste), if personal supervision is absolutely necessary, he might even be found at the site of some dastardly activity or other, querulously enduring the hardships of fieldwork.


I don’t really know where Kravek has come from. He claims his family were of old Aristoi blood. This however just be a delusion spawned from his pathological obsession to become the master of Cepilos. Certainly the old man is well connected, and seems to have enough wealth, allies, and willing dupes to fund his endless string of plots. It is rumoured that he started out as a Nemitian agent, one who became so fascinated with his own cover story, that of being born to an old bloodline of the founders, that he now believes it passionately.

For one reason or another Selseson often finds himself opposed by The Doormen. He hates them with a vengeance and will willingly aid anyone who moves against them.


Kravek likes to keep his distance from combat; directing and aiding his pets and minions from a safe distance. Occasionally he may go so far as to dirty his hands with the a ranged attack or two against particularly vulnerable looking foes. He has no qualms about fleeing as soon as it looks as if the battle is going against him, even if this means deserting his allies. Buying time for the important people to escape is what underlings are for after all…

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Kravek Selseson

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