Renowned artificer, inventor, artist and general whiz with his hands and muse. He appears to be human, and a fine specimen of one at that, but it is generally thought that he has some divine blood in him, as he seems to have been around for well over a hundred years at least, and has demonstrated some close standing with certain exarchs.

For more than a hundred years Daidolos was patronised by the kings of Tauroth – first Asterion and then Minos. It was about the time that Theseus was imprisoned in the Labyrisgaea that his relationship with Minos soured. After Daidolos aided Theseus in his escape from Tauroth, Minos incarcerated the artisan and his son, but neglected to account for the ingenuity of his prisoners, who fashioned mechanical wings from scraps of debris and escaped.

All was going swell for father and son until Ikaros ignored his papa’s advice and flew too high, with the end result of Daidolos leaving his son’s remains in the care of an improbably located earth elemental floating on the Sea of Aegis.

Eventually Daidolos reached the city of Vesper, where he has found new patronage in the court of Archimedes, the eccentric lich king of the city. Secure in his new position, but concerned about the sanctity of Ikaros’ corpse, and finding himself lacking some of his old tools, he has asked The Doormen to travel to Tauroth and retrieve for him a powerful crafting artefact – the Phalange.


An Episodic Life Dr Rick Dagless