A tiny island in the Sea of Aegis, Ikaria is about half a mile across, and is composed entirely of a single chunk of enchanted stone which used to exist as a part of a flying stone fortress belonging to the Dag-Trun sept of stone giants. After the fortress’ destruction in 847 PR, this chunk of runecarved rock plunged into the sea, where it rose back to the surface and now floats slowly and aimlessly around the Sea of Aegis.

The elemental known as Fault had the misfortune of being inside the segment of rock when it took it’s unforeseen dive into the sea, and has been stuck on the island ever since. Fault ignored the few curious visitors his craggy home invited over the years, until a human oddly adorned with flimsy wings and bearing the carcass of his foolish son came to the island. Moved by Ikaros’ fate, Fault took on the role of guardian of the boy’s remains, and shaped a somewhat ghastly monument to the lad in the depths of Ikaria.

In early 898 PR the Doormen arrived on Ikaria, come at the request of Daidolos to check on his son. After parlaying with some goliaths who had come from the Dag-Trun sept in search of the remains of their fortress and to take Fault home, the adventurers decided to kill two birds with one stone, and agreed to take Ikaros’ remains back to his father, at the same time ending Fault’s duty and allowing him to return with the goliaths to his stone giant masters.

So as of 898 Ikaria is an empty, barren, floating chunk of stone. Due to the magic imparted to it by stone giant runecarvers, it is not only less dense than water, but harder than steel, and interferes with local scrying and teleportation effects.


An Episodic Life Dr Rick Dagless